In light of the recent pandemic, we have been practicing social distancing to protect ourselves and loved ones. This means many more days in and for a lot of us, probably a lot of Netflix binges. And there’s nothing wrong with that of course. It’s always enjoyable spending quality time with the ones you love, catching up on all your favorite tv shows and spending long, lazy evenings on the couch. But it can get pretty dull, quick, and quality time can so far beyond movie marathons.

So, to put an end to stir-craziness, it’s time to get creative and discover new and exciting activities to do with your loved ones at home that will keep you both safe, as well as entertained. And who knows? Maybe, you will even learn a new skill or two.

Here are a few of our top favorite fun activities to try out while in quarantine!

1)    Reinvent Date Night

So maybe you can’t go out on the town now like you had before, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a romantic and exciting evening with your significant other at all. You just got to get a little creative! Why not try reinventing date night by recreating the ambiance at your favorite restaurant right in your own home. Get cooking with your honey, preparing a delicious dinner for the two of you, rather than ordering in the same old takeout. Decorate your place to match the vibe of your go-to venue, and transform your dinner table with candles, table cloths, etc., anything that will make you feel like the two of you are at your favorite joint. Play music, slow dance, and take it all in. Who says you can’t make magical moments at home?

2)    Learn a New Skill

While this time is opportune to slow down and savor simple times with loved ones, why can’t it also be productive and valuable as well? Instead of lolling on the couch watching yet another flick, try using this time to learn a skill that maybe you always wanted to know, but didn’t have the time to before.

One cute idea is taking up a new instrument. You and your significant other can take online music classes and before you know it, you two will be humming and strumming and enjoying the pleasures of a rewarding new skill. Another great idea is to learn a new language. It is easy to find language apps right on your phone. And after a bunch of cyber lessons, who knows? — when the world opens up again, you may be even more ready to travel to new exotic destinations, being already quite familiar with the language!

3)    Digital Excursions and Events

Ok, so you’re not quite hitting up Coachella. cheering at sporting events or catching the latest modern art exhibits like you did in the past, but you don’t have to give up your hobbies altogether! Tv networks have been streaming concerts digitally so you can still enjoy listening to sweet tunes from your favorite artists. Museums have also been offering virtual tours of exhibits, so maybe you can’t physically meander through the hallways of museums, but you can still wander and appreciate the galleries — just digitally, instead.

4)    Virtual Classes and Workshops

Keeping safe and social distancing at home doesn’t have to be dull, unimaginative and tedious. And with so many awesome online classes available, it can even be a time that allows you to explore artistic passions, discovering the creative spirit within you, you didn’t even know you had!

Try getting crafty with virtual arts and crafts classes. You can enjoy online crafting workshops with your loved ones at home or gather a few of your girlfriends for a fun, digital girl’s night and learn awesome new crafts online with your besties.

Maybe you always wondered how people created exquisitely beautiful lettering on invitations, posters. etc. Well, now you too can learn the art of Hand Lettering in our Beginner Hand Lettering WebJam. You will learn basic techniques of hand lettering using pens, graphite and brushes and will leave the class finally being proud of your newly aesthetic and sophisticated handwriting. This WebJam is perfect for beginners as you will learn fundamental techniques to get you started with fancy hand lettering.

Learning how to paint beautiful botanical images at home is also sure to boost your mood and beat the quarantine blahs. Try out our Beginner’s Floral Watercolor WebJam class, where you will learn beginner watercolor techniques, basic color theory and blending, as well as how to create captivating watercolor florals and wreaths. This WebJam is sure to get your creative juices flowing and you will even leave the virtual workshop with a stunning masterpiece to brighten up your home and safe, social distancing days to come!