We believe in the power of bringing people together to socialize and create something special using our love for crafting. That’s why in moments of injustice we know that it’s our company’s responsibility to stand up for what’s right. To show our support for the #StopAsianHate movement against the rising violence towards the AAPI community here in the United States we dedicated one of our workshops to educate on this very important topic. With our Embroider Your Own Garment X #StopAsianHate we wanted to highlight Hollaback!, an organization dedicated to providing free anti-harassment training to help with bystander intervention. Our team found the bystander intervention training to be invaluable and we urge you to sign up for one of their free sessions here. 10% of our proceeds from our workshop went toward Hollaback!

Esther Pang, Board Chair for Hollaback!

We were honored to welcome Esther Pang to our workshop as a special guest. Esther is the Board Chair for Hollaback! and Director of Operations at March On Foundation, which focuses on increasing civic engagement and amplifying the voices of marginalized communities. She has a keen interest in social entrepreneurship and specializes in developing impact and sustainability strategies for small businesses and organizations.


Thanks to Esther and everyone who participated in our workshop. If you’d still like to support Hollaback! you can purchase one of our special Stop AAPI Hate Embroidery Patterns or donate directly to the organization on their website.

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We’ve compiled a list of resources and ways you can help the fight again the rise in violence towards the AAPI community below. You can also find resources in our Instagram highlight located here.




Read our full company statement on #StopAsianHate here.