CraftJam Presents: Draked Themed Embroidery at Arlo Soho

Join us for a fun and relaxing night of crafts and cocktails with a twist. CraftJam is partnering with Arlo Soho and hosting a fun night of stitching our favorite boy crush Drake.  In this total beginner-friendly workshop we’ll give you a rundown on the basics of this classic craft. 

In under two hours, you’ll learn:

  • how to prep your embroidery hoop for DIY magic
  • how to create and transfer your design onto fabric
  • the basics of selecting the perfect thread
  • how to start and end your embroidery project
  • how to create essential embroidery stitches, such as the running stitch, backstitch and chain stitch.

We’ve got everything you need right here, including a colorful selection of threads and supplies. We have also a selection on amazing Drake quotes and other pattern to choose from!

Snacks & Drinks available to order! Crafting is made better with a good drink in hand.

This activity will go 0-100 real quick. 

Terms & Conditions