We plan. We organize. We think up projects. We try things and we test them out. We educate brilliant JamMasters to teach our classes. And we welcome curious Jammers to attend.

We’re CraftJam. We do a lot. But the most important thing we do as a company is make.

We make time to help each other. And we make it a priority to embrace our differences. Our team feels safe and heard just the way they are, because we make sure of it.

We value honesty, ambition, empathy, teamwork, and the personal bests that make us who we are. We fix our mistakes together and are made better from them.

Making works well for us.

If you’re excited to bring us your amazing, eclectic skills, then let’s make the best of it together.

At CraftJam.

What is CraftJam

CraftJam ( is a fast-growing New York-based experiential retail startup that designs, hosts, and manages real world DIY workshop events. We connect students, teachers, and retail partners. Our workshops are created in-house and are exclusively taught in our events. CraftJam is currently bootstrapped and founded by a serial entrepreneur who has raised money for her previous startup from Khosla Ventures, Allen & Co, 500 Startups, and others.

We’re a fun, hard working and talented team and you have the chance to enable and make hip arts and crafts with a group of passionate business and craft folks. Learning from cutting edge application of technology to a traditional market environment.

Find more info about our open positions below. 


Perhaps you learned knitting from grandma, or jewelry making from a friend. The gift of crafting forms bonds, and creates lasting memories. Share your gift by becoming a JamMaster, a certified CraftJam teacher.

As a JamMaster, you’ll inspire smalls groups of people with your crafting passion – and earn money doing it. Apply here!