We all know the purpose of scents in our everyday life: scents can lift us up, bring back memories and remind us of lost love. However, did you know that some scents can actually have a positive impact on our health? With highly concentrated plant components, essential oils have healing effects mentally, physically, and emotionally - their benefits go well beyond a pleasant smell.

DIY Body Scrub

In this our Essential Oils CraftJam, you will learn the fundamentals of essential oils and their meaning in natural beauty care; our JamMaster Lauren has an extensive background in essential oils and natural beauty products. With her guidance you will learn about the individual benefits of essential oils, and how to make sugar body scrubs from scratch with a scent of your choice. This class is good for

No experience needed! We have everything ready for you, from body scrub ingredients to a selection of essential oils to choose from. You'll go home with two body scrubs in two different scents in beautiful mason jars, and also be able to decorate your jars at the end of the class, perfect for holiday gifts!

BYOB – crafting is paired best with your favorite drink of choice!

We don't have any active listings for this class, but you can request a private event