Easy to Get, Easy to Give: New CraftJam Gift Cards Are Here!

Come visit us at our new Soho space and stock up on the perfect holiday gift for everyone on your list! From now until December 20th, you can swing by our 103 Sullivan St. space anytime between 3pm and 7pm to purchase CraftJam gift cards for everyone on your list. Choose your denomination - from $20 to $200 - and give them what they really want this year!

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10 Reasons to Get Your Craft On This Holiday Season

As the year winds down and we head into the holiday season, things can get a bit…overwhelming. Between year-end deadlines and holiday travel, it gets harder and harder to find a spare moment to breathe. Which is why we think you should take some time for yourself and make something awesome in the process!

Could you use a break? We’ve got at least 10 reasons why you should come get crafty with us, like, right now!

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GuestJam with Joyce: Taking a Chance with Calligraphy

After leaving her teaching job in Singapore and relocating to the UK, Joyce Lee took pen to paper and created Artsynibs. Dedicated to bringing the art of beautiful writing into the 21st century, Joyce hosts workshops all over the world to share her singular mix of traditional style with a modern feel.

We’re so excited to have Joyce with us this week hosting two exclusive workshops: Introduction to Modern Calligraphy and Brush Lettering for Beginners. Make sure to grab your tickets while you can!

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GuestJam with Jane: Painting a Point of View

Jane Gahng always knew she was meant to make beautiful things and inspire people. After working a series of less than fulfilling jobs, she left it all behind to start her company, Red Letter Day. Now she spends her days creating lovely things for lovely people, hosting workshops and motivating others to share their own personal views with the help of paints and brushes.

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GuestJam with Jennifer: A Weaving Wonderland!

From bold wall hangings to beautifully textured scarves and fabrics, Jennifer Fleischer brings them all to life with her gorgeous Ibu Textiles line. Each piece is handwoven with love in New York and captures Jennifer’s fresh, fun sensibilities.

We’re lucky to have Jennifer stop by for two special GuestJam workshops this October: Weaving 101 and Weaving 102. Learn the basics, build your skills, and sharpen your designs - all with the help of Jennifer’s well-honed skills and perspective!

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GuestJam with Angelique, Ink: From Calligraphy to Poetry to Woodworking

Angi Phillips is an artist, calligrapher, designer and teacher. She has shared her distinctive and diverse array of calligraphy styles with over 1,900 hundred students through her in-person workshops. Her design studio, Angelique, Ink, focuses on her distinctive approach to modern calligraphy - offering calligraphy for events as well as custom lettering for branding, advertising and products. We caught up with Angi ahead of her Intermediate Calligraphy GuestJam class on October 17th to see what influences her beautiful style!

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GuestJam with Martina: Insights from a Traveling Illustrator

Martina Martian is a traveling illustrator known for her lively 80s/90s inspired look. She has been featured by Teen Vogue and Cosmopolitan, and created content for Instagram, Snapchat, Reebok and ASOS. Martina is coming back to CraftJam this week for a special GuestJam series where she will be speaking with writer/editor Sahaj Kohli about how to abandon your boundaries and just create!

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GuestJam with Mariana: Meet the Hibiscus Linens Designer and Otomi Embroidery Master

We're very excited to announce our latest GuestJam series with Otomi Embroidery artist and designer, Mariana Barran Goodall. Mariana is the designer and proprietor behind Hibiscus Linens, a line of beautifully crafted towels, clothing and and art, as well as one of the 1,200 people in the world who have mastered the ancient Otomi embroidery technique.

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