Welcome to the DIY Olympics!

Ah yes, the Olympic Games! The time when the whole world becomes totally invested in gymnastics and watches an unusual amount of fencing for a few weeks. There’s lots to see, but we found one important element missing from the games: DIY! We don’t compete for gold, but we dare to be different and love to acquire new skills, and in proper Olympic spirit, we love hanging out with folks from all over the world.

Join these DIY Olympics and try one of the following projects!

Here are a few recipes for yummy Olympic rings, one for cookies and one for donuts.  The crucial ingredient? LOTS OF SPRINKLES AND LOTS OF COLORS.

Gold medal winning donut recipe by  Whatever DeeDee Wants

Gold medal winning donut recipe by Whatever DeeDee Wants

Creative Cookies by  MoonFrye

Creative Cookies by MoonFrye

Olympic cookies by  B Lovely Events .

Olympic cookies by B Lovely Events.

Sit back, turn on US vs Japanese male gymnastics, and paint your nails like an Olympic Athlete! Or support your favorite team with flags on your nails.

Tutorial by  eabnailart.

Tutorial by eabnailart.

Now if you still have the burning desire to become part of the Olympic team, create chalk backgrounds that make you look like a world talented gymnast, famous soccer player, or strong weight lifter (even if the heaviest thing you'll be picking up is a bowl of guacamole).

If you are looking to get in the carnival spirit, try some Brazilian Caipirinhas. Perfect DIY for the adults! All you need is lime, sugar, cachaca and ice.

Caipirinhas by  Laylita.

Caipirinhas by Laylita.

And if you want to keep your hands busy while watching Olympic Trampoline (yes it is a real thing), create an embroidery homage to the Olympics - we created the Olympic rings by using chain stitch. If you want to learn the basics of embroidery and create some great wall art, come to one of our Cool Embroidery Wall Art CraftJams!

Good luck to all the athletes in Rio right now! We would hope there is a crafting circle happening inside the Olympic village when the athletes aren't out there doing their thang 💞

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