Meet The JamMaster: Paige

Hey, it's Paige! Our brand new JamMaster. She is a talented jewelry designer and crafter extraordinaire who loves to challenge herself to DIY anything.

What’s your name?

Pomegranate Paige. I am currently having a moment with that color paired with chartreuse.

What classes do you teach at CraftJam?

Leather accessories, glass etching, embroidery + macrame!

How long have you been crafting?

I think my whole life; I have always liked working with my hands. When I see something I like, my first thought is usually “I can do this myself and make all these changes…it’ll be great!” then eight weeks later, I will have new light fixtures in my apartment!

What do you like about crafting?

Giving it away! I love finishing a product and the part where I get to see it in application. Also, I enjoy the brainstorm/design process… Pinterest inspo boards for days!

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever made?

Two truly bad ass, one-of-a-kind nightstands for my best friend, Lenora. The nightstands were my
personal touch on a very special project. In three trips to Columbia, SC, I helped her purchase a home, move-in and fully decorate.

What do you like about CraftJams?

The opportunity to take a night off, sip on a glass of wine, chat with other people that enjoy creating, AND go home with an awesome, finished project!

If you could CraftJam with anyone, who would it be?

Diane Von Furstenberg

What’s the best advice you ever got?

…Confidence, Cohen!

Best music to listen while crafting?

Timber | A Chill Mix playlist was my jam last winter. Spring and Summer was all over the place music wise, mostly the AT40. This fall though.. it feels funkier. Plus, I got Spotify and welcomed myself into 2016 so crafting and listening possibilities seem endless :)

Say hi to Paige on Instagram or check out more of her art on her website! And stay tuned for more updates on our blog, including upcoming CraftJams, awesome DIY inspiration, and profiles of the talented JamMasters and Jammers who make our community awesome.

Classes taught by Paige