Bad B*tch Ornament Painting 

Pay homage to a leading lady in your life and join our Bad B*tch Ornament CraftJam at Arlo NoMad. Paint a set of four wooden ornaments in ode to the strong female figures who inspire and bring out your inner Queen. Sip a signature cocktail while enjoying the sexy atmosphere that Arlo Hotels serve. This is crafting for the modern Goddess.


Absolutely no experience is necessary. In two hours, our JamMaster will inspire you to create something amazing, including:

  • Getting inspired by some truly bad b*tches (we have beginner-friendly design stencils)

  • Channeling your inner queen to a wooden canvas with paints and pens

  • Creating truly unique ornaments that will uplift and inspire

  • Fastening your ornaments so you can hang them anywhere your heart desires.

We have everything you need, including a lot of inspiration, all the tools and supplies, set of four wooden ornaments, an assortment of string/twine, paint pens, brushes, and paints.

CraftJams are hosted in an intimate setting with a 12 attendee maximum. Make sure to purchase your ticket before the event is sold out!