Maddie Hatoum

April 12, 2016

Ready for Summer Parties: Stamp Your Party Invites!

It might not feel so summery here in NYC at the moment, but soon we will all forget that winter even happened. Get ready for all your summer parties with these self stamped party invitations and come make...
April 11, 2016

Meet The Jammer: Lovely Lucy

You might have seen Lucy modeling for CraftJam photos, but she is also a Jammer! Here she is sharing some of her craftacular moments.
April 5, 2016

Green Thumb Flexin’: Three DIY Cacti Ideas

Among the flora and fauna of the world, cacti are the "It" girls of the moment! On office desks, apartment windowsills and more, people everywhere are creating mini gardens with these prickly pals. And why not?! They're just so cute -...
April 4, 2016

Meet The Jammer: Charismatic Christine

First ever Jammer feature! See what people are making, what inspires them and what's on their playlist while Jamming. In this one, Charismatic Christine shares her epic golden pizza tote.
April 4, 2016

Meet the Team: Paivi

Introducing one of the leading ladies behind CraftJam: Paivi! Among being busy building CraftJam she would like to embroider with Kanye West, accompanied with a glass of wine!
April 1, 2016

Meet the Team: Nora

Introducing one of the leading ladies behind CraftJam: Our CEO Nora! You might know her as an avid knitter and sewer, but did you know she has also built a spaceship once?
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