Maddie Hatoum

September 7, 2022

Why Connection and Relationships in the Workplace Matter

Fulfilling relationships within the workplace stem from fostering meaningful connections with your colleagues. Team building is a way to connect employees socially, encourage collaboration, and create an empowering and amiable work environment that boosts morale. Team building activities...
August 21, 2022

Craftcare Resources | Crafting for Self Care and Wellness

Our mission is to provide self-care through social crafting and to rewire your brain one stitch at a time, so what does that mean? Craftcare Craftcare is an act of self-care the benefits that a lifelong craft practice...
Press Blog Covers
July 20, 2022

CraftJam: Prominent German Newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung

We’re thrilled to be featured in a one-page article in the business section of one of Germany’s most prominent newspapers Sueddeutsche Zeitung with an exciting summary of the company’s journey over the last few years navigating the pandemic,...
three different colored leather wallets on a pink and sprinkle colored background
July 14, 2022

How To: Make a Leather Wallet

Upgrade your daily shopping style with a custom wallet. This chic accessory carries credit cards, business cards, cash, and more! Make it for yourself or give it as the perfect holiday gift. Our Leather: Wallet Workshop is a...
image of the cover of the la times with the words Cover Story in black on a blue and pink gradient background
June 22, 2022

CraftJam is on the Cover of the LA Times

We are thrilled to share that CraftJam has made the cover of the LA Times with an exciting write-up about the growing popularity of crafting in the corporate world, and the link to cognitive improvement.  In the article,...
How To Promote Your Team Event
June 21, 2022

How to Promote Your Team Event for Employee Engagement

Promoting a work event is often a little tricky. You want to motivate employees to join without having to take measures like mandatory attendance. But trying to get everyone excited and enthusiastic isn’t always that straightforward, so it...
closeup of a wrist with a beaded bracelet on it
June 10, 2022

Summer Trend Report: Nostalgia, Mushrooms, and Weddings

The temps are hot, the hues are brighter, and summer is in full swing. We could not be happier, with longer days spent outside we feel more excited than ever to get creative and social. Welcome to the...
April 13, 2022

Event Spotlight: Los Angeles DIY and Lunch

Greetings from Los Angeles! If you’re new here, CraftJam began by hosting in-person workshops in a tiny storefront in New York City’s hip neighborhood, SoHo. Over the past two years, we have proudly tens of thousands of attendees...
March 22, 2022

5 Creatives Making Sustainability the Name of the Game

We love to celebrate our fellow creatives and this year in honor of Earth Day we wanted to share some of our favorite artists, makers, and communities that are prioritizing sustainability in their practice. We’ve picked out 5...
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