At CraftJam our mission is to offer vibrant and creative ways to occupy our hands and our time.

Some of us were lucky to learn arts and crafts from our grandma who helped us to knit a slightly-too-long or totally unfinished scarf, or crafty Aunt Margaret with cross-stitched pictures of her seven cats. They knew something that more and more people are discovering now: Crafting is not only fun, therapeutic and relaxing, it’s an awesome activity all ages can enjoy. And the best part? You’re left with a beautiful, hand-crafted memento reflecting your hard work, style and creativity!

Here at CraftJam, you can pick up a great new crafting skill to build on, come home with some fun hand-made creations to decorate your space with and definitely impress some friends in the process. Our passionate, dedicated team of artists, designers and makers has everything you need to get crafty!

From girls’ nights out and afternoon activities with the family to corporate events and holiday parties and office outings, CraftJam has you covered. Check out our amazing classes below, offered in our studio in SoHo as well as other venues around New York City, and find the JAM that’s right for you!

The Best Girls’ Night Out BYOB Classes:

A series of fun workshops that offer the perfect opportunity to explore various arts and crafts activities with your fave gal pals. These events are BYOB friendly, so grab your bestie, and drink of choice, and get your craft on!

1. Floral Watercolor Workshop:

Celebrate the beauty of the season in this awesome workshop and learn how to paint stunning flowers with watercolor!

2. Paper Flower Wreath Workshop: 

Speaking of stunning blooms, you will want to check out this cool floral-based workshop, too! In this class, learn how to create beautiful paper flower wreath AND the art of basic flower arrangement. You’ll be a flower pro in no time!

3. Watercolor Brush Lettering Workshop:

In this workshop you’ll have the opportunity to not only spruce up handwriting skills, but also learn how to create gorgeous lettering with different brush types to impress your friends and family! Perfect for invitations, card making, gift tags and more.

4. Needle Felting Workshop:

Learn how to create cute critters and other adorable figures and knickknacks out of needle felting.

5. Make Cool Embroidery Wall Art

Liven up the walls in your home with exciting and unique embroidery wall art. Learn how to design, place and stitch your very own embroidery design. It doesn’t get more hands-on than that!

6. Modern Calligraphy Bootcamp:

In this 4-hour intensive workshop, you will learn the ins and outs of the beautiful, ancient art form of calligraphy. Leave with an incredible foundation of skills and use your amazing new talents to create stunning invitations for your upcoming nuptials, birthday parties, anniversaries and more. The possibilities are truly endless!

Be sure to check out these other fun BYOB workshops you may enjoy as well: Learn the Art of Glass Etching, Floral Embroidery Workshop, T- Shirt Embroidery Workshop

Fun for the Whole Family: FamilyJam Workshops

Because kids love to get crafty too, check out these exciting arts and crafts workshops the whole family can enjoy! Please note that our FamilyJam workshops are not drop-off events, and we encourage parents and caregivers to get in on the action and make along with the kids, too!

1. FamilyJam: Make Cool Accessories

In this awesome all-ages workshop, you and your little ones can learn how to make stylish and functional accessories like earbud holders, keychains, friendship bracelets and more! It’s a great way to learn something fun and new together.

2. FamilyJam: Paint and Pot Succulents: 

A cool workshop the whole family will love! You’ll learn how to decorate a ceramic pot for your own succulent plant, plus we’ll even give you tips on  how to properly care for your beautiful new greenery!


In addition to arts and crafts workshops for adults, girls night out and family-friendly events, we also host corporate and work group events. Crafting is an excellent activity for companies to use for team building, product launches, off-sites and more – so get in touch with us to enquire about our range of partnerships for corporate events and other professional opportunities!