Some companies’ names just roll off our tongues. Why? Because we keep hearing about how amazing it is to work there. Do their marketers market differently? — maybe. Do their accountants approach the books differently? — probably not. Ultimately, the reason you know them is because you keep hearing about their company culture. And some companies are great at building it, and have a ton of happy employees who speak to those efforts. 

Why is Building a Strong Corporate Culture Important?

In the past, corporations typically did not focus on building a strong culture, leaving employees to fall into a monotonous cycle of coming into the office to perform their work responsibilities and then simply going home. However in recent years, building a successful and empowered corporate culture has been of paramount interest to companies looking to cultivate a high-performing business with high employee retention. More and more companies are turning to corporate culture building activities such as team building, group exercises, workshops, and retreats as they have begun to appreciate the value of making an effort to foster a more engaged and motivated team environment.

Our need as human beings to connect with others and build on those connections is what has driven the advancement of societies since their inception. And the same message holds true in building stronger, more driven and passionate work cultures. Companies need to focus on fostering workplace happiness and satisfaction as connected, motivated and deeply engaged employees that are surrounded by a positive team culture are better for companies. 

How Have Recent Events Impacted Work Culture and How Can Companies Re-engage and Reconnect their Employees? 

In 2020 and 2021, building a stronger corporate culture has taken on a new meaning as companies and the world at large found itself transitioning to primarily remote or hybrid workplaces. Prior to recent events, it was hard to imagine that we’d live in today’s reality — one that has kept us physically separated from one another for such an expansive time, and in many cases, is continuing to do so. As circumstances left employees and the world feeling more disconnected than ever, companies have looked to other methods to continue fostering a stronger corporate culture and keep their employees connected and engaged, albeit remotely.

What are the kinds of activities and team building exercises companies should focus on to reconnect and re-engage their employees to drive a stronger work culture? 

1. Host a team hangout 

We’ve been sitting through meeting after meeting and now in recent years, Zoom call after Zoom call, for what feels like forever. Before, we’d be able to find some reprieve from this cycle by making the rounds around the office, swinging by the kitchen for coffee and snacks and chatting with a coworker. But in remote work environments, finding the motivation to move from the bed to the couch, or ultimately, even the work desk at all (shocker, right?) can be difficult in these new times.

A team hangout, whether in-person or virtually, can be just the thing to reinvigorate employees’ spirits. What if you surprise your team with a session intended to encourage chatting, catching up, even going into break rooms to gossip — you know, do all the things you’ve missed doing with your coworkers? Or give the option to host it live such as in a park, depending on your employees’ levels of comfort, even if your offices are officially closed. Nothing can beat recreating a semblance of the team environment we had grown used to and valued, and sometimes, a gesture even as seemingly small as this can have a tremendous impact on your team. 

2. Hold individual check-ins

Don’t forget that every company and every team consists of individuals. And individuals react to, feel, and interpret things … individually. At a time when more employees than ever are talking about mental health, don’t forget to check in on your teammates. And remember to make it separate from the work catch-up. Focus this check-in on them: how they are feeling, what’s on their mind, what can you do for them, what can be changed to improve the team culture (because there’s always room for improvement), etc. Sometimes, all you need to do in order to find the best ideas to make modifications and improvements that will enhance employee satisfaction is to simply ask. 

3. Facilitate team building activities

Ask your employees what new activities they’ve started doing, new talents they’ve discovered, or hobbies they’ve recently picked up. Perhaps you can offer some workshops that align with your teammates’ interests? Maybe they have read interesting pieces of content recently, and holding a weekly book club to discuss and share compelling reading materials can help reengage and motivate your team. Are they into crafting, drawing, knitting? You can point them in the direction of some of CraftJam’s awesome, team building workshops to help connect your teammates, whether virtually or in-person and revive your team’s creative spirits. Who knows? — maybe you’ll develop an unlikely connection with a work friend and expand and enhance your team network by offering an opportunity for them to explore their passions. 

4. Plan a corporate event to strengthen team culture

At CraftJam we’re here to help you offer more options to build your team and develop a corporate culture of bonding and collaboration, while staying safe and happy! With our seasonal and ongoing offerings of various workshops, we have seen that there is always room to grow and expand your company’s culture, as well as a bigger need and desire to foster human connections with one another more than ever before. It’s one thing to provide a job and salary; it’s a completely different story to provide your employees a space to grow, offer support, and build relationships. 

Through CraftJam’s Corporate Craft Event series, we’ve taken the guesswork out of offering team building activities to positively enhance your organization’s motivation, engagement and employee wellness. Check out our corporate events page for more details and trust our experts to help with your next team building event, be it live or virtual. 

Your coworkers will thank you. 🙂