Are year-end deadlines and last-minute number crunching making your team a stressed out mess? Skip the spreadsheets and take a break this holiday season with our lineup of crafty seasonal classes instead!

Watercolor cookies? YES! Pom pom earrings? YES YES! Wreaths, succulents, custom glasses? YES TO ALL OF IT! You guys can take care of those inventory reports later, there’s team crafting to be done!

More reasons your team needs a crafty break:

1. Because the snacks in the break room expired 3 months ago.

Join us for:

  1. Watercolor Cookies

  2. Chocolate Lollipops!


2. Because you totally *forgot* to get Janice from Accounting a Secret Santa gift.

Join us for:

  1. DIY Wooden Ornaments

  2. Pom Pom and Tassel Workshop

  3. Leather Accessories Workshop


3. Because old candy wrappers don’t count as desk decor.

Join us for:

  1. Holiday Wreath Workshop

  2. Paint and Pot Cute Succulents – Holiday Edition

  3. Floral Watercolor Workshop


Because those office cocktail parties could use a serious upgrade.

Join us for:

  1. Learn the Art of Glass Etching

https _cdn.evbuc.com_images_50004809_56748293719_1_original.jpg

Because you’re still waiting on last year’s holiday bonus…

Join us for:

  1. Make a Custom Leather Wallet


Inspired yet? Book your holiday party with us! From private classes to quick make and takes, we’ve got everything you need to bring the crafty fun to your team’s holiday get together!