As the year winds down and we head into the holiday season, things can get a bit…overwhelming. Between year-end deadlines and holiday travel, it gets harder and harder to find a spare moment to breathe. Which is why we think you should take some time for yourself and make something awesome in the process!

Why do you need a break…?

1. Because painting holiday cookies is way better than formatting spreadsheets.

Watercolor Cookie Decorating

2. Because a set of custom glasses will totally impress at this year’s gift exchange.

Learn the Art of Glass Etching

3. Because you’re going to need a new wallet to hold your all that cash from your *huge* holiday bonus (ha!)

Make a Custom Leather Wallet

4. Because even you can’t kill a succulent (or can you…?)

Paint and Pot Cute Succulents – Holiday Edition!

5. Because sometimes “Happy Holidays” just doesn’t cut it.

Holiday Card Block Printing

6. Because you should never show up empty-handed.

Leather Accessories Workshop

7. Because “holiday calories” don’t count. Right?!

DIY Chocolate Lollipops

8. Because you don’t have to water a wreath.

Holiday Wreath Workshop

Floral Watercolor Workshop

9. Because your holiday party style could use a little something extra.

Pom Pom and Tassel Earring Workshop

10. Because you just know there’s someone on your gift list you forgot…

DIY Wooden Ornaments

The Ultimate Gift: a CraftJam Gift Card!


Join us for our upcoming holiday workshops and make something special for everyone on your gift list!