CraftJam Academy: Lettering Workshop with Designer Melissa Berman

  • CraftJam 33 West 17th Street, 5th Floor New York, NY, 10011 United States

We are introducing a new series of workshops - CraftJam Academy. These workshops will consist of 3 to 4 sessions and are taught by experts in their field who will make sure you thoroughly learn a new skill or deepen the knowledge you already have.

With the launch of CraftJam Academy, we are starting off with the Lettering Workshop series. Lettering can be simply defined as “the art of drawing letters” - it is a specific combination of letterforms crafted for a single use, often hand-drawn, with pens, graphite or brushes.

In 3 sessions designer Melissa Berman will introduce you to the basic techniques of lettering and guide you in creating a unique hand-drawn wall-art piece. You will finish the workshop with a tutorial on digitizing your designs.

The curriculum:

1st week - May 17th:

  • Introduction to lettering throughout history

  • Defining the difference between typography, calligraphy, and lettering

  • Techniques on designing and embellishing letters  

2nd week - May 24th:

  • Advanced techniques on designing and embellishing letters

  • Explore multiple concepts for your final art piece & start sketching

3rd week - May 31st:

  • Complete your final art piece

  • Introduction to digitizing your lettering

This class is beginner-friendly; no experience necessary! We will have all the supplies and materials ready for you. Also, we are BYOB friendly, so bring a drink of your choice.

This class is especially good for bloggers, small businesses and anybody working in social media. You’ll finish class with the skills to create unique signage and images that will make your blog and social media sites pop!

Melissa is a talented graphic designer with a passion for all things craft. She has plenty of experience in teaching crafts and design. 

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